Robots Used to Create Brick Facade

The thought of a robot constructing a building facade may seem kind of foreign to the average person, but its this kind of work that can help create things beyond the scope of human skills. Works like the design of the brick facade below would not be possible in the hands of humans. Granted these works are severely limited in terms of what the robots can do and as of right now they are limited mainly to brick laying, but innovation in the slightest sense is all the industry needs. Something that complex and intricate could only be achieved by robots and its this step forward in the design world that will help propel new design ideas and innovations.


Think for a moment about the possibilities with this type of construction technique. More complex facades that better deflect the sun’s heat could help reduce the energy costs for a building. On top of that, according to Archi-Union Architects, the materials were reused from a different project which reduces the overall costs and expenses on the environment. The act of humans creating a wall like this would not be achievable even with a complex set of instructions. Much like the plan shown below, you can see the southern facade bulges and flows.<593A5C3030312DB9ABCBBEC1D9CAB1D6D0D7AAD5BE5CB3C2CFFEC3F75CCFE3B



Source 1

Feature Image

Image 2

Image 3



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