Self-healing concrete

Paul C. Stigger, III- Blog 9

Concrete has built a repetition as being a very complex material, which is formed of coarse assemblage fused together with a fluid cement that solidifies over time, which has tremendously aided in the overall structural evolution of the world today. Concrete is both a very substantial and dense material that will be continuously used nationwide for years to come, but has one major defect which is how efficient the material remains overtime. Even though the material of concrete is the world’s most preferred building matter, it is a substance that undoubtedly fractures when under various strains and pressures.


Performing the act of constantly restoring cracks in both pavement and concrete structures are extremely time consuming, and highly expensive but certainly necessary because of various safety hazards. Now even though the proper maintenance of concrete is undeniable just imagine how much more efficient and less expansive it would be if concrete could gradually heal itself over time. TU Delft researchers have been performing studies that are circling around the idea of self-healing concrete using bacterial mineral precipitation that can be established by implanting calcite-precipitating bacteria in the mixture of concrete since the pH merits of the substance is extremely high.


Although this material component is not yet in existence, it is still an idea that once mastered will change the substance of concrete forever. This material break through could lead to considerable savings, which can increase the durability of concrete structures and concrete pavement issues globally.  


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