Kinetic Rain

In Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi Airport, there is a moving sculpture designed by two animators and programmers from the German firm Art+Com. It is called Kinetic Rain, and that is their idea behind the whole things.

The installation consists of many 180 gram raindrops. 608 raindrops to be exact that are suspended from a very thin wire. This wire is then attached to a motor that can move each raindrop independently up and down. Each raindrop is coated in copper plated aluminum and can be manipulated into 15 different shapes and patterns for the simulation of rain.


Kinetic Rain took over two years to complete and was designed to be a “source of identity for its location, and provides a moment for the passengers to contemplate and reflect.” The price of the installation has not yet been released to the public.


It really makes you think about how far we have come in regards to technology and materials. What if there was a kind of metal or material that would allow us to harness kinetic energy in this way? The raindrops would no longer require the actual wire but could move freely on their own. The installation is supposed to make you think of the possibilities and wonder about how maybe one day the impossible will be possible.


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