Robotic Architecture

Week 13 Journal 8 This year in Shanghai Arch-Union Architects have designed a rather peculiar structure to house various events and workshops. Or instead, they have designed a method for creating a structure that has unexpected results. This building reuses materials, most notably brick, from the structure that inhabited the site before it in a innovative way that provides a unique experience for those who visit. The bricks were paced by a robot that was programmed in a way human stone masons could not accomplish; instead of a standard vertical brick wall the bricks are layered in a way that breaks the mold of the brick wall by adding a sense of fluidity and lightness to the structure as if it were a fabric. This new technology not only allows us to break boundaries in aesthetics, it could be applied to ideas of functionality. What if these building robots were somehow incorporated into buildings themselves? This way our environments could rearrange themselves to fit our needs based on a computer program, or going a step further these robots could create entirely new unique spaces that are completely suited to support their program. This could lead to overproduction of spaces that are not entirely useful to us, but what if the materials used in this type of construction were repurposed into new spaces similar to the Shanghai design. This could revolutionize architecture and create an entirely new form of building/construction. Looking toward the future architects could become designers of building systems instead of focusing on a design specific to a single building.

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  1. yujiafang

    Yujia’s 4th Comment:
    I think this new robotic building technology impressive. I agree with you if this kind of effect of walls can be cooperated within buildings, the interior experience will be much more diversity. However, it might be hard for the machine arm to build within small space floors which composed of huge modern buildings. We need certain height of the space to show the changing and light effects. So it might be a problem. Furthermore, if we do accomplish it into space to buildings. It will cost a lot because we need to think about how to add lights and make the rest of building to cooperated with it in order to make it expression it’s best effects. And somehow this building skill wastes space. If we need to build into certain shapes instead of flat wall. The wave or movement of it will reduce spaces and it is nightmare when the project is small.

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