The Cloud

This blog is for week 5 for Kasey Robinson.

One technology, which is fairly recent in years, that no one seems to talk about or really try to understand is iCloud. Some people still have no idea what this is today, mainly older people rather than young, but still, this idea is still fairly new to the world. Even some young people who have an iPhone in their possession don’t know what iCloud’s purpose really is. iCloud is basically a software that stores all your information so that when you obtain a new iPhone or an iPad, you can sync your data from the iCloud on to all of your devices so that they are up to date with information. It is somewhat like Google drive, except it is more automatic than Google drive, because on the drive you have to manually import files. With the cloud, if a certain app is set to sync to the iCloud, then it is going to upload those files automatically. (1)


When we think about our society, and the things we need, this is probably one of them. There is a demand for more storage in online space and storage, and the iCloud is exactly that. Let’s say your device can only hold a certain amount of GB, but the cloud can hold more, so all you have to do is sync everything to the cloud and keep the data you need momentarily on the mobile device. As long as what ever file you are uploading to the iCloud drive isn’t bigger than 15 GB, which is a very big file, you can upload almost anything.

This has a massive impact on society, and there is a shift happening from things being physical to digital. Think about flashdrives for instance. The iCloud and Google Drive in a few years could potentially be the main way that we share files, instead of using flashdrives. As long as the internet becomes more and more integrated, which I think is definitely happening, then digital convenience is going to take over our society. I think that this technology is great, but where it is heading makes me a little weary and skeptical, because I’m not sure what this newly developed technology will lead to.





  1. Jessica Pilarski

    For myself the cloud is an absolute necessity. Im constantly running out of room on my iPhone. I love to take pictures and the most frustrating message I can get is when it says Im out of storage. The cloud has made my uploading and importing pictures and files extremely effortless. With the click of a button my important files are up in the cloud… where ever that may be, but I know they are safe and what matters most is that now I have more room on my phone to do whatever my hear desires, but with this new technology has brought a lot of problems for example how private is the cloud? there has even been movies made about this. For instance in the movie Sex Tape which came out in 2014. Which is basically about a married couples sex tape linking onto the cloud, on all of there technological devices and causing havoc on their lives. This privacy scare is real though even in my life. My cloud is constantly getting hooked up with my dads which has lead to some very embarrassing situation. So even though this technological innovation has made many of our lives easier. Like you said, now we don’t have to carry around flash drives and we have the luxury of virtually never running out of storage but is it worth not being able to obtain the control on our privacy? This question I have always pondered about technology especially technology related to my iPhone and my virtual life.

  2. Jessica Pilarski

    ^week 14

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