Nuclear Waste to New Battery

Brady Larson week 13


A research team of chemists and physicists, may have found the answer of what to do with the large amounts of nuclear waste. Their solution is a lab grown diamond that emits small amounts of electricity and that could virtualy last forever. The team from the University of Bristol, believe that this could user in the “Diamond Age” of electricity and technology. This battery has the potential to deal with the huge problem of nuclear waste. This is a problem many researchers have been trying to solve, since nuclear cannot be desposed of safetly on earth. Also there is the security risk of that nuclear material falling into thee hands of someone wishing to so harm with it.


These new batteries encapsulate the nuclear waste in a man made diamond, which emits a small electric current. These diamonds are cheap and require no wires and the manufacturing process is very minimal. In the words of the creator, Tom Scott,  “There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation.” There are however some concerns I have with the product. One, without long term research of the product we will not be able to understand potential harmful health affects from the use pf radioactive materials aa batteries. Also right now they only use one specific type of nuclear waste in the diamonds, but are begining to expand to different types. Either way it doesnt look like in its current form, that the battery will eliminate nuclear waste completely.  Lastly, with these diamonds in circulation who is to keep large amounts of nuclear waste from being collected by people wishing to do harm with it.


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  1. hans5189

    Week 14_Makayla Hansen

    Nuclear waste is not something that I often think of. Compared to other environmental issues, I don’t think it is discussed very often. Since there is no way to safely dispose of this waste yet, this innovation seems pretty incredible. Do you have a source for this? I am curious to read more about it.

    Your blog post leaves me with quite a few questions. The first thing that I want to know is, why the diamond shape? Is there a specific benefit to this shape, or is it simply the result of the process? You also said that there were no wires, so I am wondering how it would be used or be applied to the technologies we already have. I think of batteries as these small cylindrical objects with a positive and negative end connected to wires creating a current to give an object power. These diamond shapes will obviously not work like this, so what would we do with our existing products?

    You also brought up several concerns which I think are very relevant. With no long term testing I’m not sure how they decided that this battery could virtually last forever. I am also concerned with the harmful effects this electricity may have. Does this technology get rid of nuclear waste or reuse it, leaving it with its toxic qualities? In general, I think this is an intriguing idea.

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