Piñatex what is it?

(week8) So I have no been a vegan for five years. I love everything about animals so when I heard of a leather entirely made out of pineapple I was blown away. Piñatex is a new textile made out of pineapple leaves. The manufacturing process is extremely green and is not wasteful what so ever. The fibers of the leaf are extracted during a process called decortication, which is done at the companies plantation by the farming community. The access material from the process is converted into organic fertilizer or bio gas. This means nothing it wasted.


This innovation is one of my favorite to come across because no one thinks pineapple and leather in one thought, but Dr. Carmen Hijosa thought so far out of the box and it has payed off with a sensational new product that will change the world.


Piñatex is strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light, flexible and can be easily printed on.  Its the newest and best environmentally friendly textile in the game. Being a vegan I don’t understand the hype about leather but I do know its scarce and expensive, because of this there is an enormous opening in the market for alternative materials, which to date have been partially filled by plastics and technical textiles. This suitable material of natural origin will change and improve the market for not only vegans like my self but for everyone.





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  1. einho009

    Wow this is an interesting use of pineapple! I love the creativity to even consider an idea like this. I wonder how much it costs in comparison to animal leather… I would imagine it would be pretty expensive to have pineapple leather. I also wonder if it is as durable as animal leather.. I think the hype about animal leather is that it is extremely long lasting, it is excellent for temperate control, motorcyclists use leather as a protective barrier in case of an accident… These are the types of standards that I associate with leather and I wonder if pineapple leather can also meet those standards. In terms of fashion and aesthetics, I think it is beautiful, and an interesting alternative to animal leather.

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