Self Lacing Shoes

It is insane to think about how many of histories predictions have come true. In the movie “Back to the Future,” I’m not sure if it is the 2nd or 3rd movie, that they predict 2015 to have self lacing shoes. These shoes were released in Dec. 2016. The idea is not that far fetch when you think about the technology we have today, but for that to have been predicted before the iPhone is pretty cool. Regardless, Nike is the first to develop self tying shoes and release them in the market. The shoes also look really cool and has some futuristic aesthetics. (1)


Thinking about these shoes and where the world is heading, you can only imagine that this might become a more fashionable, and trendy thing, to have technology in your clothes and shoes. It is fascinating, yet expensive. I think that these shoes are just the beginning of self-tying equipment. I also believe that the technology will become more convenient and efficient, but already the shoes are very quick in response to your foot being in the shoes, and ties itself without you even touching them. My only curiosity when it comes to these shoes is what happens when they get wet? Obviously there is wiring and electricity introduced in the shoes, so what happens if any of that gets water on it? I feel as though this pair of shoes could be very vulnerable to weather and might not have a long lifespan.

Another area we have to pay attention to when it comes to social ramifications, is how many people are going to actually pay for this technology or find it important enough to spend almost a thousand dollars for? If they are effective and have an average shoe lifespan, I think that they could sell, but I think that the competition in shoes is getting ridiculous. We really just need something comfortable for our feet, and it costs an insane amount of money for a “nice” or “cool” pair of shoes. I think that the market in the shoe industry will continue to rise and competition will always be growing and pushing these prices up. The separation between poor and high class shoes will be insane in a about a decade or two. I also believe that there will be architecture inspired by this technology at some point in time, or even maybe furniture – where the floor or couch responds to the pressure of your body to create an interactive space.




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  1. quachies

    Jenni Quach | Comment 5
    The idea of self-lacing shoes sounds like a neat technology. Without numbers, I cannot tell if it actually is expensive, but it sure sounds expensive. As you said, technology like self-lacing shoes would divide the bourgeoisie and proletarians by clothing. One could delve deeper into the ethics of that, however I am more curious as to how this works and its future possibilities. I know that there are individuals who are working on a bed spread that has the capability to make itself. I believe it is called Smartduvet. With technology that saves us time on tying our shoe laces or making our beds, would we eventually forget how to do either? With bed making, it is pretty self-explanatory. However, tying shoe laces would make us lose the knowledge of tying knots. On the other hand, if the material was applied to other—more useful—technology, then it could assist individuals rather than stealing a skill. Perhaps technology such as self-lacing shoes would benefit society. For example, it saves us time which allows us to progress in other technologies. An analogy would be humans relying on a self-driving car. We would eventually lose the ability to drive if the technology became universal. However, it could lower car accidents which would benefit society overall. Perhaps with these self-lacing shoes, we would lower the amount of times our shoe laces become untied which would prevent individuals from tripping.

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