Synthetic Spider Thread

Yujia Fang Blog 14

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.53.33 AM.pngThe Japanese company Spiber created a new string material that is synthetic spider thread.It is as strong, elegant, and versatile as spider silk.It is made by a high-performance silk-like fiber made by cultivating recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic goats. ”We take a single gene from a golden orb-weaving spider and put it into a goat egg. The idea is to make the goat secrete spider silk into its milk.” That is a perfect example for biomimicry. Even though this material is used at clothing industry a lot, I think it possesses much more potential in other area such as architecture. The hardness of this string is incredible. Perhaps we can use it as a connection part of structure construction. It may help structure engineer to create more dedicated housing skeleton. It is very durable but need to be double check if this string has enough string to hold the load. Mountains of Lines line up together will become a surface. I will say it is fantastic idea to using a lot of strings holding up together to make important components of interior spaces. For example, we may need to distribute public space carefully since it is changing everyday according to different theme of activities. We always use mobile trunks to divide spaces. However, mobile walls that made by those strings can replace them. And it is much lighter and easier to move them around to distribute spaces. We can transport a number of strings easily compare to other materials. Furthermore, it is convenient to clean up after finishing using the public spaces. We just need dissemble and put back to storage. We will realized it takes much less spaces to keep than other mobile walls.




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