Do you believe in love?

herGood movies will raise up some questions towards our future. Recently, I watched a movie called Her. It shows me a possibility that artificial intelligence can affect human’s emotion so deeply that the users can even fall in love with it. It is said that our technology’s achievement will be 1000 times the progress of the 20th century, which means that the AI will possibly reach the depth of interactive communication with human beings in the future decade. As machine can also play a role in a human relationship, can we still believe in “love”?1111356339333839019
There is no doubt that love is a big piece of human’s emotion. It helps enrich our life experience and strengthen our social bonding. In the biological study, love is a series of chemical reactions happen in our brains. Scientists split love into three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment, each of which has a particular type of hormone to excite the process. By the time when human’s bodies are getting used to the amount of the hormone’s production, we fall in love with the object that carries our feelings. Tactically speaking, we can be in love with anyone who possesses ideal identities regardless who he/she is and what he/she is.

From a higher perspective, love is a biological process that accelerates the reproduction of the human population, which can be controlled or manipulated. However, from an individual perspective, it is hard to remain rational when I am in love with her. My life is complete because of her. My soul is satisfied because of her. My world is happy because of her. My mind is fulfilled because of her. To conclude, I believe in love.




  1. Jessica Pilarski

    (week 12) Love is all that matters at the end of the day. It is the core of many of our relationships. For a romantic relationship like you said in your post people can fall in love with anyone if they obtain the three attributes of lust, attraction and attachment but I don’t believe that a love for computer can be the same kind of love that two humans represent. I have been in a long distance relationship for three years. My boyfriend and I initially met in high school but decided to go to different universities. So in order to see each other and maintain our relationship we use technology such as text messages, phone calls, and our most popular technology is face time because we can actually experience seeing each other faces. We are in love and continue growing our love through technology but we know each other exist out there in the world and will soon be physically together. A huge part of love and relationships is physically touching and physical attention. With a computer this isn’t capable. It also isn’t natural. As a specie we are attracted to other humans because its our animal instinct to reproduce. I do believe as humans we can love any human, depending on the situation and the time, but I don’t believe that a love with a computer can be the same kind of love as a human.

  2. 015
    (This is coming from my personal point of view as someone engaged to be married)
    This is a really interesting post related to a great film. I think that in many ways, our society has already adapted human feelings of attachment to digital representations and technologies as forms of addiction (video games, pornography, etc.). Because of this, the lines between human-human and human-machine relationships are already growing blurry. I do not believe, however, that this line will blur to the point of us as humans being unable to differentiate the source of our needs and desires coming from machines or real people or a higher power (i.e. God).

    Renowned 20th century author C.S. Lewis wrote a book called The Four Loves. It is reminiscent of your allusion to the three facets of love, but more in depth and with more facets considered. The love described in this book, and the love that many of us feel in different relationships are so deep and so real because they are humanely real. I believe that relationships (friendship, romantic, familial, and sexual) are charged with these intricacies.

    To believe in love is to believe in heartbreak, to believe in sacrifice, in selflessness, in vulnerability, and to believe in flaws; knowing they are beautiful because they are beheld through a lens of affection, and that they all compose this person we see in front of us. I think because of that, technology will never be able to reach those levels of depth, and for a person to claim that love over such a thing is for that person to admit they have never known love at all.

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