Virtual Reality and Virtuix Omni

Jenni Quach | Blog 15


Virtual reality immerses a user into a 360° hypothetical or computer generated imagery which allows for one to experience more than they would find on a 2d surface. However, the only form of movement within virtual reality is done through mouse interactions. With the Virtuix Omni, a multidirectional treadmill, it allows an individual to walk through virtual reality instead of clicking; it deepens one’s ability to experience spaces in depth.  

Typically, virtual reality is used for gaming purposes. Yet, the technology can greatly benefit designers because it gives them the chance to see their creation before it is created. With that being said, one can see design flaws; they could be as dramatic as preventing a building from collapsing or simply noticing that the materials or colours are not to one’s satisfaction. Other than preventing disasters from occurring, it would save money spent on such disasters. The Virtuix Omni costs $699, which needs to be combined with virtual reality technology, would pay for itself over time because it would save money spent on such disasters.

There could be more advancements to this technology to further deepen one’s experience. For example, one could create a program or develop a way to scan a person’s body to create a digital version of that person. By combining the Virtuix Omni with this hypothetical technology, the individual would feel more immersed in the space because they would literally be walking through the design with their computerized body.



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