Winter’s End

Keaton Nemes Blog Post 14

Researchers at the University of Houston have discovered a new material that may be capable of combating ice build up. The material is known as a Magnetic Slippery Surface. The material utilizes iron oxide nanoparticles and magnetic fluid. The magnetic fluid is exposed to the exterior and as water comes in contact with the surface the magnetic fluid is able to shed the water and keep it from attaching itself to the physical material which lies below. As of right now the material is not yet in manufacturing but the researches at Houston hope to creat a spray on application of this de-icing material which could then be applied to a vast array of different other materials.

As of right now current de-icing techniques are not incredibly efficient. Using a heating element requires to much energy just to remove ice and de-icing chemicals are typically not environmentally friendly. A potential magnetic spray could easily out perform both of these standard de-icing applications provided the life span of the material is more than a few years. Further more it has also been noted that the current freeing threshold of the magnetic spray is roughly -29 degrees farenheit while the current technology only works at -13 degrees farenheit.

If this material could be manufactured at high quantities this could revolutionize de-icing techniques and help make transportation safer and buildings more weather resistant.



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