Can glue improve material’s property?

Blog 15   Yujia Fang


A team of researchers from the University of Oxford has created a molecular glue inspired by Streptococcus pyogenes, which can cause flesh-eating diseases, reports PhysOrg.This glue is way much stronger than super glue. It’s origin idea comes from a single protein: one which the bacterium uses to bind and invade human cells. “The protein is special because it naturally reacts with itself and forms a lock,”explains Dr Mark Howarth, one of the researchers. This glue has been developed in molecular level which is close to the material itself. I am thinking that if it can make material stronger. I remember one time i broke a piece of wood and I use super glue to glue them back. Turns out it became way more stronger. I think if we break a wood stick in serval pieces, and use this molecular glue to glue them back, will this stick be stronger and carry more load? This glue can also be used in large scale industry such as architecture construction. We may use it as the way I just mentioned to make the material stronger and build the structure we can’t construct before. Furthermore, this glue can also be used as a component of other things such as cement mortar. Then the cement mortar will have more stickiness. In addition, this glue can be dangerous, too. People are using super glue now and they always suffer a lot of pain when their fingers get super glued. If we have this glue on our skins, may be we need to give up part of the skin to rescue the body.


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