The Art of Building With Raw Stone


Week 15

The art of building with raw, uncut, stone is slowly being fazed out for newer and stronger materials that provide a buildings with a more modern and professional look to it.  Although, building with raw stone can go a long way, especially if you know what you are doing with it.  These stones can change the environment of a building completely with its rustic and old look to it.  While it is no longer used to build an entire house out of rough stone, that has very little structural integrity due to the stone not being flat, it can be used to structure the outside facade and interior walls purely as a decorative factor.  Compared to concrete and enhanced glass, the uncut stone doesn’t hold a candle simple because it is not the picture of modern architecture in a society.  This is even being mimicked with concrete where a machine will press a stone like quality pattern onto the concrete facade so it looks like natural uncut stone.  People are all about going green and producing new regenerative or multi functional materials.  Stone just sits there acting nice while blocking some heat and cold weather while the person sits there wondering if their house is going to collapse on them today.  It doesn’t look like raw stone will be making a big return to current or future architectural structural materials unless there is an enhancement to it.  But then it wouldn’t be raw stone, would it.  Stone looks nice and makes one feel at home in a space and makes for great transitions in spaces.  Stone needs to be refined and strengthened in current society in order to make it relevant.  This is where we lose a lot of the natural quality of the stone itself.  So while it may no longer be used to hold up your house it can still be used to decorate it to bring that natural feels back.



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