Power Collecting Fabric


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Evan Super

A new fabric developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology has the ability to generate electricity through sunlight and movement.  The fabric is comprised of “solar cells constructed from lightweight polymer fibers with fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerators” (Brown, 2016).  The fabric could also be used for more than just apparel, it can be used in sleeping bags, curtains and carpet.  The fabric would be able to charge devices that have wireless charging capabilities.  The material is inexpensive and environmentally friendly to produce so it could be available to everyone.  While the lead developer, Wang, assures “The fabric is highly flexible, breathable, lightweight and adaptable to a range of uses,” the fabric may not be the most comfortable or attractive to be worn as a whole garment.  In those cases, the material could just be used on a certain part of a garment, like the lining of a pocket.  Since the fabric is durable and able to work in harsh weather, it can be used in any climates.  The new fabric could be a breakthrough in apparel technology, potentially solving the problem of your phone running out of battery.  Hypothetically, phones would not require large batteries and therefore lead to thinner phones, if the fabric became common in garments.
Brown, Josh. “Georgia Institute of Technology.” New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices. Georgia Tech, 13 Sept. 2016. Web. 21 Dec. 2016.


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