Adaptable Architecture

Hunter Lutz – week 6 make up

Adaptable buildings are built to have the potential to adapt to a changing society’s needs and uses as well as the environment, thus increasing the life time of the building. Creating Adaptive architecture is essential in creating a more sustainable life for everyone living in this world. Many technologies have been developed to contribute to making our way of life more sustainable. A great portion of these include ways of creating renewable energy and resources, but they don’t account for one other aspect that is limited here on Earth, space. For a sustainable life we need not only sustainable energy and resources, but also sustainable planning.

Anticipating what changes might take place in the future, and better yet making building systems that can adapt to these changes is vital in the pursuit of a sustainable life. To do so, when building our environment, we must broaden our minds to encompass a greater timeline for in which to design for. Doing this will inevitably increase the lifespan of future buildings that will be originally designed to adapt.


Adaptable Future believes that “In today’s sustainability-driven context, adaptability can be perceived as a means to an end – decreasing the amount of new construction (reduce), (re)activating underused or vacant building stock (reuse) and enhancing disassembly/ deconstruction of components (reuse, recycle) – prolonging the useful life of buildings (reduce, reuse, recycle).”[1]  This decrease of new construction, reuse of vacant buildings, and recycling of building materials that adaptable architecture permits minimizes urban sprawl, the environmental strain, and energy use that would otherwise be a byproduct of an entirely new building.

[1] Berthelsen, Chris. Does Adaptability = Sustainability? Digital image. Adaptable Futures. Loughborough University, n.d. Web. Dec. 2016. <;.


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