Alucobond/Alucore: Expanding Boundaries


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Evan Super

The German company 3A Composites GmbH produces multiple aluminum products used for siding and roofing.  Of these products, Alucobond and Alucore are high strength, environmentally friendly composite panelling and structural material.  Alucobond utilizes a mineral-filled core between two sheets of aluminum.  The composite is only 4 millimeters thick yet is equally as rigid as aluminum, steel and fibre cement and weighs substantially less.  Less weight means less materials used, equating to an environmentally friendly building choice.  

Alucore shares the same benefits as Alucobond but instead employs a honeycomb pattern between the layers.  The resulting composite is slightly thicker and has a high strength-to-weight ratio.  Aluminum and the mineral core compound both are able to withstand high temperatures, resulting in products with a high resistance to fires.  Both products offer feasible, unique alternatives for cladding.  

The low cost, easy assembly and superb aesthetic appeal mean this material can be used in other industries.  Airplanes require interior walls that provide strength and beauty without the cost of added weight or thickness.  The high flammability tolerance is also essential in a compact space thousands of feet above the ground.

One of the most unique features about both Alucore and Alucobond is that it can be assembled to form curved surfaces.  This ability allow more creative control regarding walls and roofs without the cost of expensive cantilevering.

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