Anti-Graffiti Film


Blog Post 9

Evan Super

With all of the new advancements and technologies coming to materials and buildings, they are still subjectable to one thing: vandalism.  Graffiti can turn a new building’s wall into an eyesore.  However, there is a solution: anti-graffiti film.  Anti-graffiti film can adhere to smooth surfaces like glass.  There are multiple application forms including spray on film and film sheets.  Spray on film is more permanent and causes paint or markers to not stick, making it easy for them to be wiped away.  Film sheets are temporary and can be peeled off windows after being vandalized.   The film can even help prevent against scratches.  The company Integrument has developed FluoroGrip which it claims that “FluoroGrip anti graffiti films withstand a wide variety of stresses such as extreme temperature cycling, UV rays, and a wide range of aggressive chemicals, paints and acids” (

Anti-graffiti film is less of a material and more of a new material additive.  Modifying this substance to lead to a variety of different applications.  It could be added to garments to reduce the risk of stains or as a coating to vehicles to reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates on the outside.  A unique use would be kitchen utensils covered in anti-graffiti film.  If the film was nontoxic and resisted being worn off, then it could make cleaning the dishes a lot easier!  

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