Arktura Atmosphera


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Evan Super

Atmosphera by Arktura is a modular and dynamic ceiling alternative or design placement.  The fins that form the system are made from high amounts of recycled materials and are completely recyclable themselves (  The fins are first digitally created, which can be from a style library or a custom design.  Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece, the system can replace ceilings.  If done, it is a cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to a common ceiling.  While Atmosphera is only a cosmetic feature, replacing a typical ceiling with Atmosphera allows less materials needed in construction.  Newer commercial buildings sometimes exclude using a ceiling system and instead paint everything black.  While this saves money and resources, it can sometimes feel too void.  Using Atmosphera allows businesses to have high beautiful ceiling without sacrificing cost.

Arktura’s Atmosphera is a great idea but why stop at ceilings?  If angled in a downwards fashion, Atmosphera could be used for walls.  Replacing drywall with Atmosphera would result in unique three dimensional walls.  They would also allow more light into a room if it was an inside wall.  The fins could also be adjustable to increase or decrease light and views from one room to another.  Outside walls would pose a problem as you might catch glimpses of wiring, insulation or plywood.  Although if angled properly, such views could be minimized.  Overall, I believe Atmosphera is an interesting product that has room to evolve and grow.

“Atmosphera Features.” Arktura. Arktura LLC., n.d. Web. 22 Dec. 2016.


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