Photochromic: Potential Glazing Phenomenon?

photochromic-lensLucas Ewing – Blog Post Week #13

Photochromic (otherwise known as transitioning) lenses are already a technology that has been around for quite some time now.  This type of lens is most commonly found in glasses, sunglasses, etc.  This particular technology automatically adjusts itself to the daylighting levels; as the daylighting reaches extremes the lenses darken up, which in turn helps preserve the condition of the eye.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative discusses the possible usage of photochromic glazing, and elaborates that while it has been utilized in some small-scale, projects, it has not been made readily available for commercial window usage. One question I have about this sort of technology is why hasn’t it? They already have other types of dynamic glazing being utilized, one quite similar being thermochromic glazing. This particular type of glazing can passively regulate itself based on the temperature acting on the glazing unit itself.  Electrochromic glazing can already adjust itself to different lighting conditions, though it has to be rigged with daylighting sensors.  I guess I just see the scaling-up of the transitioning glasses lens to be the combination of these two other dynamic glazing types.




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