The Fastest 3D Printer in the World! Looks as cool as it sounds


Last year the company Carbon3D introduced the world to CLIP technology, during a TED talk. This innovation in 3D printing is described as “a photochemical process involving a liquid interface of uncured resin and a passing light source. And, due to an oxygen permeable window, 3D printing can occur quickly without interruption or visible layers.” The process is like other printing processes such as DLP, but it is said to be up to 100x faster. It is also able to produce products that are stronger and have higher resolution properties.

The device that Carbon3D has created is called the M1. This device is a commercial quality 3D printer that comes with the new Carbon3D software and upgraded materials. The building envelope of the printer is 144 x 81 x 330 mm. This size is ideal for prototyping and low volume production. The exterior of the device is aluminum with a foot activated build door and includes a high-performance LED light engine. The M1 uses the Carbon3D software cooperatively with built in sensors to optimize performance and improve the process quality over time. Lastly, this device has a built-in cloud based server and works on Wi-Fi networks to provide updates in software.

This device is an innovation within technology, science and the 3D printing industry. Hopefully, companies will now be able to better produced 3D products and open up the possibilities of the technology available.


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