Water Expanding Plastic


Blog Post 10

Evan Super

Industrial Polymers Corporation is one of the manufactures who produce water expanding plastics.  When water is introduced to the plastics, they enlarge in size while retaining their original shape.  These plastics are often used in molding and in pipes to prevent leaks.  Water expanding plastics can be applied between the connection of two pipes to make sure if the connection ever becomes loose, the plastic will expand to fill the gap.  Water expanding plastic acts similarly to sponges but with higher durability.  Industrial Polymers Corporation states their product is “resistance to oil and grease, drilling fluids, oil crude products, sea water, impact, the elements and UV degradation” (http://www.industrialpolymers.com/product-uses/products).  This product has applications in consumer use as well as in architecture.  Large sheets of water expanding plastic could be used in pavilions or other structures that shelter from rain.  When exposed to water the surfaces could increase in size and in turn increase the amount of space they shelter.  On dry days the surfaces would revert back to their original sizes and allow more light to reach the ground.  

I believe being able to automatically adapt to changing weather conditions without the need for electricity or expensive electronics is a very strong feature.  This could be useful in low wealth areas or areas large in size where the cost would be too much.
Corporation, Industrial Polymers. “Products.” Industrial Polymers – Industrial Polymers. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Dec. 2016.


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