Kyotographie Paper Tube Temporary Pavilion


In 2015, Shigeru Ban presented his most recent paper architecture project, the temporary pavilion in front of city hall of Kyoto City. Shingeru Ban choice paper tubes as major supporting structure again.27 paper cubes with diameter of 330mm composed this pavilion. However, frame structure of this pavilion is different from other projects by him. For his earlier project like settlements for victims of earthquake in India, paper structures were just vertical columns columns and steel cables. On the other hand, Shigeru Ban combined his experience of using paper tubes with traditional Asian construction technology, and developed tenon structure for paper tubes. By doing so, Shigeru Ban simplified structure of the project and minimized construction component. Roof of paper pavilion is made out of wood frame and translucent plates. Light wood roof decreased load that was applied on paper structure.


Shigeru Ban’s paper pavilion is a new chapter for his experiment on paper structure. It is the first time he used only paper to form major frame. Furthermore, as a temporary pavilion, Shugeru used material that could be recycled, which decreased environment affection of events. However, this project had not test maximum weight paper could take, which is a major limitation for paper architecture. It is still a one floor project. In addition, this project has a simple function, which has no requirement for weather barrier or vapor isolation. Paper architecture still have a long journey ahead.


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