Project Tango

On June 5, 2014, Google’s ATAP lab announced their new experimental project Project Tango. In 2016, Google cooperated with Lenovo and started selling their first commercial device Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.


Project Tango is a project that innovation computer’s ability to read, understand, and virtually construct the real world. By using photographer, Sonar and gyroscope, mobile device is able to break real world environment down to small particles in virtual environment. If the particles is small enough, computer is able to model detailed environment in real time.


Project Tango opened a new window for interaction between computer an real environment. It allows computer to read the world while think bout the world at the same time. It might bring break through in various industry. For example, if Google combined this technology with advanced AI like Alphago, they could build drones that is able to read the environment, make decision by themselves in strange places, and build detailed model of surrounding environment at the same time. It may become the future of disaster relief robot. On the other hand it could scan large space without heavy equipment in a short time. For architectural project, it would be a powerful tool. However, up to now, all examples presented by google were based on small devices like cellphone or tablet. Capacity of these devices is questionable since their performance were limited by hardware.


Project Tango is the future of computer-reality interface.


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