Superhydrophobic Substance

Superhydrophobic substance is a type of new material that could reflect water. Different from traditional water-proofing material, superhydrophobic substance does not just stop water from penetrating but also stop water attaching onto its surface or coating. It has function similar to water lily leaves.


As a new type of material, superhydrophic substance has a wide application. It could be applied on fabric or package to proof water and vapor, or be used for electronics that is sensitive to water and humidity. On the other hand, residents in German discovered new possibility of Superhydrophobic substance’s application. Residents of St. Pauli was troubled by drunk people on street during nights. These people would walk towards any wall they could see, and pee on top of these walls. As a response, residents of St.Pauli coated their wall with superhydrophiobic substance. Pee would splash back at urinators.


St.Paulis’ application of superhydrophobic substance offered us an example of how superhydrophobic substances could be applied and inspire us more application of this mater. For buildings with electronics to reach a goal of smart architect, superhydrophobic substance is able to ensure no water would stay on top of electronic components, therefore risk of getting short is decreased. On the other hand, for sensitive  material, superhydrophobic provid them a different option to isolate water. Superhydrophobic substance have a various potential application.


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